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Usually I protect Opera and point to its bright sides when somebody tries to insult my favorite browser, but with release of Opera 12 I can't help it but look at Opera from the other side.

In My Opera profile there is an question "Why did you choose Opera". I chose Opera +-6 years ago and the reasons back then were speed, community, standards support, innovation and customization. The question is,

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This post is not going to be about Opera so if you are not interested in music continue in anything you were doing before. :)

People often ask me what music am I listening to. That is not easy question to answer. That is why I've decided to make a list of some groups/singers/songs which make it fastest to my mind.

I would be glad if you shared your favorite songs with me in comments as well. There a

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Extensions are great thing but sometimes it is necessary to improve design of your browser as well. With Themes in Opera 12 it is very easy so I decided to try it too.

My favorite wallpapers come from guy called Vlad Gerasimov and his site I randomly chose 5 wallpapers (1680x1050) and made themes from them. You can try them or make your own. There is a tutorial on dev.opera.
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Developing extension is a complex process and there are several things you need to do. I've decided to create short tutorial on "How I am developing Opera extension".

Selecting editor
First of all you have to select your programming editor. My favorite is called Sublime Text. This editor has several cool features and supports many languages, but it is mostly used by JavaScript developers. The grea
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I have finally received my price from the 1 million Opera facebook likes quest. When we were informed to send them our address I asked them for a drawing of a dinosaur on my postal package and Opera did not disappointed me :)

Thank you Opera!

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I don't know how many of you are actually using your e-mail on Because old GMail UI is ugly and the new UI is really laggy in Opera i decided to leave GMail and start using Opera e-mail instead :) There were some things (like filters) I missed in Opera email though. But!, today - thanks to Nimesh - I've finally solved this issue :)

The thing is that Opera is using big part of fastmail
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CSS3 gradients behave very similar as background images. That means you can't use CSS3 Transitions directly to create some "gradient animation". However, you can use CSS3 gradients together with background-color property. This is very important because when you apply CSS3 Transition on background-color and make some part of gradient transparent (so the background color (and the change of bg color)
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In latest snapshot of Opera (b2014) we can see that developers in Opera want to improve speed dial. Unfortunately, it seems that they started with improving something that everybody likes (ok, perhaps not everybody, but I think that most of us like more the old version of speed dial with fixed layout) and some things that should be improved are still same as before. I guess that the float layout o
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