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Finally, I've created extension that I might be actually using!

The name is Easy User CSS and I think it tells a lot about it's functionality. Before this extension you had to create new file for every site where you wanted to have user css. Thanks to my extension you can just click on a button, write the css rules and press "save" - that's all! You can also use "Live preview" that shows the effect
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I've just uploaded new version of Mini Google Maps extension to that should work in O11 final. If you will find any bug you can report it here in the comments.
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About 15 minutes ago I had this idea of extension that would crash Opera - not after installation but after clicking on a button - and 10 minutes later I had first prototype. So if you need sometimes to crash Opera, this extension is just for you! You can download it here:

BTW, I didn't uploaded it to official extensions site from Opera, because I
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There is a video from "Fronteers 2010" conference where HÃ¥kon Wium Lie (one of fathers of CSS and employee of Opera) is talking about CSS3 and future of the web. The whole video is really interesting, but there is one really awesome thing. The first public screenshot of Multi-Column layout in Opera. This means that we might get it in Opera in really near future.

The video is here:
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Nowadays lots of developers are talking about HTML5 and CSS3. A bit fewer of them are talking about ES5 (EcmaScript5). But it looks like most of them nearly forgot the DOM3 specification and I don't think it's right because DOM3 implementation in browsers is really poor and should improve. That is why I created the DOM 3 Core implementation test. In future I want to add more parts of DOM3 like "DO
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There is lot's of bugs I've reported and haven't been fixed + I moderate Czech Opera bug report so I meet plenty of Opera bugs everyday. Anyway I decided to create a list of five bugs worse than the others (at least in my opinion).

1. Terrible box-shadow redrawing (DSK-29255, DSK-281717)
Seriously, this is something that Opera developers really didn't make good. Not even sufficient. The only case wh
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In on of the latest Opera builds we've got some new toys to play with. I'm talking about scriptStorage & -o-object-fit. So I was thinking ,what kind of user javascript I can do with that? And my first idea was an image gallery. I'm not sure if there'll be a lot of people that will actually use it, but I think that this is at least a good example of how these new features can be used. I

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