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Opera Wish-List

There are few features which I would like to see in Opera:

1) Ftp and SSH client
2) Speed Dial Better Configuration
3) Line Numbers for Source Code and fix search box bug
4) More features for Opera Chat (IRC)
5) Tab Groups
6) "dummy-tab" Autoclose
7) Add "Fit to width" to "Site preferences" + Add language of spell chcecker to "Site preferences"
8) Download manager actions
9) Scrollable Visual Tabs
10) Better Content Blocker + Content Blocker Sync
11) CSS3 Support (faster implementation)
12) HTML5 Support (faster implementation)
13) userJS manager (extensions manager)
14) Autocomplete with option to turn off/on
15) Save last 10 closed tabs after restarting Opera

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15.09.2013 23:09
You know what's on my wish list? An update for your External Scripts extension to make it compatible with Opera/Blink.
01.02.2012 06:02
4, 7 and 14 I support :D

And for who likes the 4th wish, here a link ;)
15.12.2010 18:12

Originally posted by Jonas92:

1) SSH makes sense, FTP not for me.

Originally posted by Hades32:

1) ssh really doesn't make sense for Opera.

16.08.2010 20:08
1) ssh really doesn't make sense for Opera.
28.11.2009 23:11
1) SSH makes sense, FTP not for me.
2) There is a good configuration. What are you missing?
3) Good idea!
4) This is good, but a multimessenger would be better.
5) Definitely YES.
6) Don't understand.
7) Could be good.
8) Very good idea!
9) Why? I couldn't read a lot in these tabs.
10) I don't know...
11+12) YES!
13) Use Unite and you have an UJS-manager.
14) Don't understand...
15) Yes...
28.11.2009 23:11
2) I miss the option to set any count for rows and columns (at my laptop i use 2 rows and 4 columns which is not possible to set directly in Opera and I have to edit speeddial.ini in my profile)

6) If you click on some link to file, which opera can't open and give you the option to download and you download it, there is then a useless white tab with no content)

9) When you have more visual tabs which already don't fit into screen, then visual tabs are getting smaller (in width or height). This solution will look like "views" in PowerPoint =)

13) I wrote the list before UserJS manager for Untie exists, but I still think that userJS manager directly in Opera is better solution.

14) Autocomplete is the thing in Firefox which appears when you click on some input box and it suggest you things which you wrote earlier =)
28.11.2009 23:11
Now I understand.
For (plus): 2, 6, 9, 14
For (plus, partly): 13