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Sync now and Reload all pages

There were two functions which I wanted to have easy available in Opera 10.5. Sync Now and Reload all pages.

Here is my solution:
Open standard_toolbar (1).ini and replace the stop | reload button in [Document Toolbar.content] with this:

Button2, -1393253531=Stop | Reload + Show hidden popup menu, "Devilia Reload Menu", , -1705826954

than go to standard_menu (1).ini and make this:
First: Add this menu:

[Devilia Reload Menu]
Item, "Reload"=Reload
Item, "Reload all pages"=Reload all pages

than go to [Sync Popup Menu] and add this line:

Item, "Sync now"="Sync now, , , , "Sync now""

When you do all of this, than you have "Sync now" button in Opera Link context menu, and if you click and hold with left mouse button on reload button, new context menu apperas with two options "Reload" and "Reload all pages"


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