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First public screenshot of CSS3 "Multi-Column layout" in Opera

There is a video from "Fronteers 2010" conference where Håkon Wium Lie (one of fathers of CSS and employee of Opera) is talking about CSS3 and future of the web. The whole video is really interesting, but there is one really awesome thing. The first public screenshot of Multi-Column layout in Opera. This means that we might get it in Opera in really near future.

The video is here:

And the screenshot is at 20:00

Enjoy ;)

UPDATE (2011-03-19): Opera 11.10 beta supports CSS3 multicolumn-layout. If you are interested, there is some info. about multicol. layout css properties:

You can also read the article on

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13.10.2010 23:10
13.10.2010 19:10
Nice video ;) , very good talk.