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Mini Google Maps extension

I've just uploaded new version of Mini Google Maps extension to that should work in O11 final. If you will find any bug you can report it here in the comments.

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06.07.2011 16:07
Hi :)

Thanks a lot for this great extension. Have been waiting for it for a long time. There are a couple of widgets that try to implement Google Maps' functionality but so far none of them has succeeded. I'd like to make some suggestions.

First of all there is "Get directions"-thingie. When you enter point A and B, and click on the GO-button, you get what you want, but the map is pushed to the right of the extension's window. It'll be nice to see them both - textual description and the map with the marking. When you get your directions, it's impossible to resize the extension's window to the left (there is a marker on the border that suggests the possibility of resizing to the right, but since my Opera-window is maximized, it's a no go for me).
Next I'll mention two possible modes in Google Maps - directions by foot and by car. Although some people might say it's a totally useless feature, I can argue about that because "by foot" delivers a much shorter distance then "by car" because usually you can walk everywhere, which most certainly does not apply for cars.
Last but not least - Speed Dial integration. You should add the option to open Google Maps inside Speed Dial (if that is possible in this case) for it offers much more space and quite larger angle of view.

Thanks again for the great extension. I use Google Maps almost every day many times and it was a real pain in the a@se, when I had to open a new tab etc. etc.