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Themes for Opera 12

Extensions are great thing but sometimes it is necessary to improve design of your browser as well. With Themes in Opera 12 it is very easy so I decided to try it too.

My favorite wallpapers come from guy called Vlad Gerasimov and his site I randomly chose 5 wallpapers (1680x1050) and made themes from them. You can try them or make your own. There is a tutorial on

Enjoy! :cheers:

Eagle Ray
Learning to Fly

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30.10.2012 16:10

Originally posted by daniel:

Whatever happen to copyright…

Well, I paid the guy for the premium account and I don't sell it or anything. But yes, it is still a copyright violation. That's why I haven't submit it to the official themes catalog.

During Halloween he sells the premium account for $2 only (one payment per life). So If you want to use this themes and also have good feeling you can buy it :)
30.10.2012 13:10
Whatever happen to copyright…
04.05.2012 01:05
Nice blue themes BS-Harou ;)
02.05.2012 09:05
Tehy are so nice :) Thanks.