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What music do you like?

This post is not going to be about Opera so if you are not interested in music continue in anything you were doing before. :)

People often ask me what music am I listening to. That is not easy question to answer. That is why I've decided to make a list of some groups/singers/songs which make it fastest to my mind.

I would be glad if you shared your favorite songs with me in comments as well. There are mine: ...

One of my most favourite gothic metal bands.

Abney Park
I have discovered this group quite recently when searching for some steam punk examples. I have instantly fell in love with it.

German band with asian singer. Very cool.

Emilie Autumn
This is probably my most favorite singer right now.

Turkish gothic metal/rock.

The Pretty Reckless
I really like the appearance of the singer :)

Nightwish with Tarja was one of the best gothic bands.

I love violin and girls. Bond has both.

When I am in bad mood Tool will help.

Yann Tiersen
Great artist.

Old but really good and funny music.

Soho Dolls
Not really my kind of music but somehow I still like it.

As you could have notice most of metal bands I listen to have female singer. Not this one.

Kanon Wakeshima
Japanese music and really good.

Агата Кристи
Russian band.

Van Canto
Using mouth instead of guitar. Hell yeah!

I'm not fan of musicals but this one is has awesome soundtrack.

Symphonic power metal.

Who wouldn't know AC/DC?

Within Temptation
Also quit known gothic metal band.

Violin, again :)

Amanda Palmer
This woman is crazy - in a good way

Animal Alpha
Another crazy singer. I don't like many of their songs though.

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