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I decided to pick 10 features which after several months of using Opera 15+ as main browser I found I miss the most. I don't include features I know Opera is already working on (e.g. bookmarks).

  1. Speed dial configuration
  2. Numbers in address bar/CTRL+number to go to speed dial's nth item
  3. Option to disable shift+enter in forms (it opens new window and it is happening to me very often when I don't want
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Smart RSS is an extension that clones (in a bit mutated way) RSS reader from Opera 12.

Because extension API does NOT allow to add both button next to url field (to Open RSS reader) and to url field (to add RSS from current site). I had to create TWO extensions which communicates with each other!

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I decided it was about time to dig into the new APIs in Opera 15+ and build some new extension with it. I started with fully featured bookmarks extension but stopped when Opera announced they are going to implement the bookmarks themselves. So my bookmarks extension is going to end up in my half-done-not-ever-touching-again extensions folder :D

Thinking about another idea while working in my favori
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